Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pink Contact Lenses Gain Popularity

Pink Contacts

Pink Contact Lenses Gain Popularity

Pink contact lenses have been gaining popularity over the last few years until now reaching a point where both men and women, young and old are wearing pink contacts.

Colored contact lenses have been something that everyone has wanted since they were first introduced. Of course then colored contacts only came in very basic colors. 

Nowadays not only can you find you standard colors such as blue and green but contact lenses in colors such as violet and pink as well as all kinds of crazy contact lenses that are for role playing and Halloween.

Pink Contacts are Popular

Lately it seems that pink contacts are becoming more and more popular, you can find all kinds of videos on YouTube of both men and women wearing pink contact lenses. Of course for the ladies it is more understandable that they would gravitate towards pink lenses, after all what makes a woman feel more girly than pink.

On the other hand I don’t really understand .what is up with men wanting to wear pink contacts, however I am not one to judge and believe you should wear whatever makes you feel good so men, break out those pink contact lenses.

Pink contacts are not the only color of contact lens to be “in” this summer. Women especially love to make fashion statements and this year colors like violet and purple seem to be in. Again these colors, I believe, are colors that make a women feel soft and girly so again it makes sense that they would be popular colors.

Men on the other hand tend to go in the opposite direction and turn to the craziest and strangest contact lenses they can find which often times takes on the form of some sort of “monster” eyes. It will be interesting to see what trend rises above the rest come this next Halloween.

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