Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cheap Colored Contacts

Contact lenses come in two kinds. There are contact lenses especially made for eye problems and contact lenses for people who just want to change their eye color for fashion.

Most people who use cheap colored contacts no longer go to the doctor to get a prescription. merchants are prohibited from selling contact lenses, corrective or cosmetic, from selling contact lenses without any prescription. This is a way for the authorities to track who are selling the lenses and the people who are buying them.

Prescriptions are issued to protect the well-being of people who use contact lenses. Customers in Canada or the United States who buy lenses without vising the doctor are not breaking the law. it is the company which will be breaking the law.

Most stores today only agree to sell cheap colored contacts without a prescription. A lot of people think that contact lenses for cosmetic use should no longer require a prescription. One of the reasons is the fact that our eyes are not the same sizes.

Your eyes may be larger or smaller than other people's. Assuming that contact lenses will fit everyone is a very big mistake. So, if you want peace of mind, get yourself a prescription. A well-fitted lenses will not scratch or damage the eyes.

Stores just cannot sell lenses anytime they want to anyone they want. A prescription must be presented by the customer before they can be given lenses. Online merchants have some of the lowest prices but you need to fill out a form before you can order. Before completing the sale, the doctors must be contacted to make sure that the prescription is genuine. This is done to protect the sellers and the customers.

Eye care professionals must also confirm their prescription. If, for any reason, the doctor fails to verify the prescription, customers are given the benefit of the doubt and the contact lens. Sellers are also required by law to keep important information about the transaction with each customers.

Purchasing contact lenses online can save you a lot of money because they have discounted prices which are much lower compared to local stores. Some of the online stores you should look at are, and

Put your health first place by getting a prescription for your cheap colored contacts. A prescription ensures you of the right fit. Never risk your eyes or your safety! Go to your doctor now and get a prescription.

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